Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BGE) at the faculty of Life Science, established in 2006. Over the years, it has grown to be most successful departments in the University with a wide range of research interest and a commitment to excellent teaching at all levels.

Our aim is to produce the academic, researcher, industrial and entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow, together with the industrial processes and bioscientific advances they will employ. Our strategy is to work at the interfaces between Biology and Technology. The mission of this Department is to excel in providing quality higher education and internationally leading research in the field of Genetics and Biotechnology keeping in view the challenge of the twenty first century.

The department currently offers four-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. We also offer Master of Science (MS) by research. Now-a days, the undergraduate program attracts the best students of Bangladesh as it provides an excellent foundation for future professional and graduate education.

BGE is trying to establish the well-equipped modern laboratories to conduct internationally leading research and training. We carry out collaborative research with other departments within the university and also with other institutes in Bangladesh and abroad. Our research contributions through journal publications in the past few years have been significant. We are trying to create a unique multidisciplinary research environment within the University, in which collaborations with academic and industrial organizations flourish. Our research programmes encompass Healthcare, Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology, Chemistry of Natural Products and Clinical Biochemistry.

The facilities and opportunities available in this department, coupled with our ongoing efforts to integrate interdisciplinary approaches to classroom and laboratory teaching in biotechnology and related fields, are strengthening our academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The lifeblood of BGE is its people and we strongly welcome and encourage exceptional and highly motivated graduates from all corners of the world to consider our range of engaging and stimulating study opportunities, and graduate student programmes and to become part of its mission.

Thanks for visiting and exploring our site to learn more about the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. I am privileged to work with this dedicated and talented community and wish to welcome all new members as well as encourage all alumni to keep in touch and others who are interested in our mission.

(Md Masuder Rahman, PhD)


Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering