Mr. Md. Abu Sayem

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

  • Email :
  • Phone Number : 01715284780

Research area/ interest  : Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Important publications five to ten

1)         Hirayama M, Tomita Y, Yuno A, Tsukamoto H, Senju S, Imamura Y, Sayem MA, Irie A, Yoshitake Y, Fukuma D,Shinohara M, Hamada A, Jono H, Yuba E, Kono K, Yoshida K, Tsunoda T, Nakayama H, Nishimura Y. An oncofetal antigen, IMP-3-derived long peptides induce immune responses of both helper T cells and CTLs. OncoImmunology, 4:5(6) Referee, e1123368, January 2016

2)         Sayem MA, Tomita Y, Yuno A, Hirayama M, Irie A, Tsukamoto H, Senju S, Yuba E, Yoshikawa T, Kono K, Nakatsura T, and Nishimura Y. Identification of Glypican-3-Derived Long Peptides Activating both CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells; Prolonged Overall Survival in Cancer Patients with Th Cell Response. OncoImmunology, 5:1, Referee, e1062209, August 2015

3)         Tomita Y, Yuno A, Tsukamoto H, Senju S, Kuroda Y, Hirayama M, Imamura Y, Yatsuda J, Sayem MA, Irie A, Hamada A, Jono H, Yoshida K, Tsunoda T, Daigo Y, Kohrogi H, Yoshitake Y, Nakamura Y, Shinohara M and Nishimura Y. "Identification of Immunogenic LY6K Long Peptide Encompassing both CD4+ and CD8+ T-Cell Epitopes and Eliciting CD4+ T-Cell Immunity in Patients with Malignant Disease." OncoImmunology 3, Referee, e28100, March 2014

4)        Yatsuda J, Irie A, Harada K, Michibata Y, Tsukamoto H, Senju S, Tomita Y, Yuno A, Hirayama M, Sayem MA, Takeda N, Shibuya I, Sogo S, Fujiki F, Sugiyama H, Eto M and Nishimura Y. Establishment of HLA-DR4 Transgenic Mice for the Identification of CD4+ T Cell Epitopes of Tumor-Associated Antigens. PLoS One 8 (12) Referee, e84908, December 2013

5)         Sayem MA, Ahmad SM, Rekha RS, Sarker P, Agerberth B, Talukder KA and Raqib R. Differential Host Immune Responses to Epidemic and Endemic Strains of Shigella Dysenteriae Type I. J Health Popul Nutr 29 (5): 429-37, Referee, October 2011.